ink drawing The 13th Hour
copyright Debbie Bounds

How much is your time worth? 

Would you rather stand in line or pay a little more and get faster service?  In this busy world time is a precious commodity.  This is why so many people pay extra to get through the lines at Disneyland quicker.  People are searching for ways to save time.  Drive-thru businesses are very popular.  You can go to the dry cleaners, pick up dinner and grab a coffee to sip while you wait in the drive-thru lane at the bank.  Pick up you prescriptions while listening to your favorite CD and stop by a liquor store to select wine to go with dinner. Last minute night out at a play or movie?  Order your tickets online and have them waiting for you at will call.

Going on a trip?

You can pay extra and skip the long line and board early.   You can stop at PostNet ship you extra luggage and have them waiting at the hotel for you.  Going sightseeing you can order your tickets ahead of time and even pay extra to not have to wait in the long line.

At PostNet in Scottsdale you can save time everyday.

DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS services are all offered.  When you ship at PostNet you find out the fees for all four carriers at the same time.  There is no need to run from one place to another.  Come in and find the best price. Your packages are lovingly wrapped, boxed and labeled for you.

Another way to save time at PostNet is to get a mailbox.  PostNet mailboxes gives you a street address since they are private.   You can receive packages from all carriers.  You do not have to worry about packages left at your door or going to the post office.  We call you when a package arrives.  By having a mailbox at PostNet you can pick up your mail at one location.

Skip the long lines at the post office and ship at PostNet in Scottsdale.

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