Shipping Across America

Shipping Across America

PostNet, located at Scottsdale Rd. and Shea, is perfect when you want shipping across America. No matter whether you live in small towns, large cities, urban areas, suburban areas and everywhere in between your letter or package will reach you. The varieties of names of streets in the USA makes one stop and ponder where their names come from.

There are streets named after states such as California Road, Nevada Avenue and Colorado Boulevard.  Some streets are named after food such as Strawberry Drive, Persimmon Road, Cherry Street, Filbert Street and Wishbone Court.

What picture comes to your mind when you get a package from Psycho Path, Dynamite Boulevard, Skunk Misery Road, Toboggan Hill Path, Patriot Blvd, Spinning Wheel Road or Fiddlers Drive? Do you think that the owners of homes on Leisure Lane, Happy Hill Lane, Easy Street or Sunnyside Boulevard live a better life?

Living near water must be desirable. Here are some of these imaginative addresses Starboard Drive, Beaver Pond drive, Yellowstone River Road, Pebble Brook Way, Meadow Creek, Blue Water Bay Drive, Cool Brook, Canal Court and Boulder Brook Road.

Nature is also very popular! Letters and packages have been sent to Morning Glory Road, Black Rock Lane, Cliff Run, Ivy Street, and Spruce Court, Broad Lawn Drive, Bull Elk Lane and Maple Street.

There are always the streets that are in their own category such as Old Town Front Street, Straight Arrow Lane, Studebaker Road, Musket Ridge, Argyle Court and Dutch Settlement Road

No matter where you live whether on Old Pecos Trail, Awesome Street, Wood Duck Lane, or No Name Street, PostNet at Scottsdale Rd. and Shea can get your letter or package delivered for you using FedEx, UPS, DHL or USPS! We can always find your destination no matter what the street is named.

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