Rod and Deb Wistrom’s printing and shipping franchise wins art dealer’s loyalty

Modern art masterpieces are usually found in museums or in private collections of the wealthy. Rod Wistrom, co-owner of two PostNet printing and shipping franchises in the Phoenix area, never imagined that an authentic Picasso would come through his doors.

PostNet shipping franchise owners Rod and Deb Wistrom

PostNet shipping franchise owners Rod and Deb Wistrom (Picture by Andrew Ulkie Photography)

An art dealer who asked Rod to ship the Picasso had been a loyal customer since the Wistroms opened their Phoenix-area location three years ago. Their PostNet printing and shipping franchise won the art dealer’s loyalty after proving time and again that great work can be done on a strict deadline.

“I’ve seen Picassos in museums, but I’ve never seen one up close,” Rod says. “Our locations do a lot of shipments for local art dealers, but I never expected to ship a Picasso.”

Rod says that the art dealer had his own private insurer and didn’t ask for anything special in regards to how the Picasso was packed:

“We built a custom wooden case, and then we shipped it out,” says Rod. “We weren’t asked to do anything unusual to ship the Picasso.”

PostNet has been providing expert graphic design, printing and shipping services to customers since the franchise started in 1993. We partner with all four major carriers — UPS, FedEx, the USPS and DHL — to make it easy for customers to ship nearly any item to nearly any destination.

That’s not all we do. We help customers with logistics and marketing. Our printing and shipping franchise locations make life easier for local business owners by providing graphic design, marketing, printing and shipping solutions that help them reach and win more customers. The range of services we offer makes us unique, as does the personal business relationship that our franchisees are able to offer fellow entrepreneurs in their communities

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