Shredding blog photoShred your papers that you do not need to save and make everyday Earth Day.

The calendar states that April 22nd is Earth Day. However we at PostNet feel that

Everyday is Earth Day. We are a company that deals with any manner and number of paper products. We know paper.


Think of all the paper that we humans use each day. Paper is vital to our lives. Even in this time of social media, we need paper for so many parts of our lives.

Imagine your typical day. In the morning we use napkins with breakfast while we read the morning paper.

While pulling your car out of the garage you might have to stop to pick up the neighborhood paper. When you arrive at work you have to make sure that your business cards are on your desk. You’re in and out files have papers to be checked. Your file cabinet is filled with documents and invoices. Even if you do most of your work on the computer there are copies of documents that need to be scanned or faxed.


Menus await you at lunch. Coupons help you save money on your selection. Do not speed on your way back to work or you might receive a paper traffic ticket. Afternoon meetings usually mean note talking and agendas.


On the way home you might pick up the dry cleaning, if you have your coupon and pick up ticket. When you arrive at home, you might check out that sports or fashion magazine, pick off the business cards stuck in your screen door and collect your mail from your mail box.


What happens to all that paper? It is usually crumbled up and tossed away. Save the World and shred your papers.

Shredding also protects your identity. Shred your receipts and other papers that you do not have to save. Instead of wearing out your small home shredder bring your paper over to PostNet and we will shred your paper for you.

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