Inkless Fingerprinting – NOW AVAILABLE in Ahwatukee PostNet Ahwtukee is happy to announce that we now offer Arizona LiveScan Fingerprinting-also known as inkless fingerprinting. We cater to customers South, East and West of Mesa where AZLS has an office. There are many folks out there in need of fingerprinting, from teachers, nurses and medical students to life insurance agents, people looking for gun licenses and those working in the financial industry.

manual, technic, grey background
inkless fingerprinting – photo courtesy of AZLS

Now you have a location in your neighborhood. There is no appointment needed to come in to our store for fingerprinting, just show up anytime between 8:30AM and 5:30PM, Monday through Friday and 10AM-1:30PM on a Saturday. We have all the DPS (Department of Public Safety) forms along with the fingerprinting cards, and the pre-addressed envelopes that they need to be mailed in! Another timesaver, since mailing is part of our repertoire, you don’t event have to go to the post-office – we’ll mail it right here – 1 stop is all you need to make!

The process is simple, and SO much cleaner than with ink fingerprinting. We can have you in and out in 10 minutes. A card costs $20 and if you require a 2nd card, those run $10. If for some reason the location you are sending your fingerprinting cards to need your prints re-scanned because they were not clear enough, you simply bring your receipt in and we re-scan them at no cost.

Watch this video –

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