In this digital age, we often forget about the importance of high quality hard copies. So often do we rely on our computers or phones to find information, communicate, or exchange ideas that we tend to neglect the value of the hard copy, and even disregard it in some cases. However, it is important to remember that hard copies of information and advertising, whether as a poster, business card, banner, or flier, are as, if not more, important than digital advertising. On a daily basis, consumers will scroll through and forget dozens, if not hundreds, of similarly looking websites. Consumers seldom handle hard copies of information, despite the fact that they are more likely to remember the contents of a hard copy than they are digital. When well designed and thoughtfully constructed, a physical colored copy can prompt your customers to not only better remember your service, but also to return and use your services in the future. Just as in digital advertising, a hard copy reflects your business, and the quality of said copy denotes the quality of the services your business provides.

25 cent color copies

At PostNet Cave Creek, we are currently offering a deal on our high quality colored copies. At 25 cents a copy, our Cave Creek location can quickly print several hundred copies of whatever material you need. Not only are we able to print higher volume colored copies, but we also have a wide array of papers with varying thickness, gloss, and size for your selection. We can cost effectively help you design and print not only colored copies, but also your business’ future.

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