My name is Jackie Hanks with Krazy Kreations and here are the 5 reasons I rent my mailbox from PostNet Ahwatukee. Renting a mailbox from PostNet has made it easier to manage an online storefront from my home-based office. This reason alone has made it worthwhile. Furthermore, here are the top 5 reasons I rent my mailbox from PostNet Ahwatukee:

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Mailbox Postcards – Postnet Ahawtukee

 Multiple Carriers

Running an online store means sending a lot of mail, but it also means receiving quite a few packages as well.  One of the biggest perks to renting a mailbox is being able to send and receive packages from a variety of carriers, unlike a PO box.

Mail Security

My private mailbox is physically located inside of PostNet, which means that it’s protected behind two sets of doors – the store entrance and the mailbox. When receiving packages, I know they won’t be left outside where theft or damage is likely to happen.

Privacy & Professionalism

As someone who works from home, I’d rather not disclose my home address to my colleagues. A business address promotes a professional presence and is preferred by most parcel carriers.

Email Notifications

Every time a package arrives at my PostNet mailbox, I receive an email telling me that it has been delivered and is ready to be picked up. This prevents wasted time since I never have to drive back and forth to check on the delivery status of a package.


Another advantage is the convenient location and quick pickup. Driving to the post office and waiting is likely to take a huge chunk out of my day. The drive to PostNet is a lot closer than the post office, and there are never any lines!

KK Wild WestAbout the author:

Jackie Hanks is the Marketing Director at Krazy Kreations, a specialty retailer and manufacturer in the paper crafting industry that offers a robust online store for crafting enthusiasts. Additionally, the company offers product, demonstrations, and education at approximately 20 tradeshows annually. Website:

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